Shenmue III PC Full Version Free Download

When it comes to the best games that are played on the Play Station and PC, there are some new names that come to the minds of people. Shenmue is definitely one of the names that always comes to the minds of the people.  This game that we are talking about is the third installment … Read more

Sparklite PC Full Version Free Download

Sparklite is an action-adventure game developed by Red Blue Games and is available for Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Macintosh. If you have ever played Legend of Zelda, then this game is just like that. Apart from the Zelda series the game has taken elements of other classics like Age Of Empires, Final … Read more

John Wick Hex PC Full Version Free Download

John Wick Hex is power-packed with action, puzzles and demands a strategy. The strategic murders in a furious way by the protagonist makes the deal enjoyable. The game seems to be a modification of action scenes of movies into puzzled game sequences. Mike Bithell, the game developer, ensure that you traverse across a variety of … Read more

Ghost Parade PC Full Version Free Download

Ghost parade is a game built on Indonesia-based mythological events and lore. The game comes with the theme of ghosts; hence, the name follows. The game goes beyond standard adventurous games, driving you into an all-new world. During the game session, you would interact with ghost companions through a character named Suri with paranormal abilities. … Read more