Death Stranding PC Full Version Free Download

STUNNED BY DEATH STRANDING There is strangeness in the air, as the real world seems to copy a Game. This is a prescient Game, that seems to have accurately predicted the atmosphere prevailing right now, in the Age of the Covid19 Pandemic. Death Stranding is a prophetic Game, that seems to have captured the imagination … Read more

Maid of Sker PC Full Version Free Download

Maid of Sker

A First Survival Horror Game – Maid of Sker Maid of Sker is the horror game which is based on house of Sker, an actual hotel in the countryside of welsh and welsh folklore. This title of first-person survival horror is depending on the Elizabeth Williams who is a legend. Her father locker in her … Read more

No Straight Roads PC Full Version Free Download

No Straight Roads

An Action Adventure Game – No Straight Roads No straight roads is the adventure and action diversion that is combined with a vibrant off beat world and combat which is rhythm infused. The main fact that in this game, music plays a big part as while combating listening to music is important in mastering it.  … Read more

Disintegration PC Full Version Free Download


A Science Fiction FPS with RTS Elements – Disintegration The game, Disintegration is combined with the elements of RTS and it is science fiction FPS. You are in the shoes of a pilot who is heavily weaponized with gravcycle while giving commands to your group members on the ground. You do this when you combat … Read more

Carrion PC Full Version Free Download

Carrion game

Carrion – The Reverse Horror Monster Diversion The reverse horror game in which you are in the shoes of an unknown originated amorphous creature is Carrion. Your responsibility is to consume those people who imprisoned you for spreading panic and fear throughout the entire facility provided in the diversion. As you tear down the prison, … Read more

Maneater PC Full Version Free Download

A GAME CALLED MANEATER The game “Maneater” is not yet released, but there is already eager anticipation. It is based on a novel premise, that of a huge killer shark, where the Player is himself the shark. This RPG (Role Playing Game) is so designed and so artfully narrated that it does the impossible: it … Read more