Iron Danger PC Full Version Free Download

Iron Danger This is one of the new RPGs which is published by Daedalic Entertainment. This will be available on steam by next month and the trailer is already available. This game looks worth and you can enjoy it soon. Whenever you start playing Iron Danger, it is all about running around and swinging blades. … Read more

Bleeding Edge PC Full Version Free Download

Bleeding Edge¬† The new release can be expected next month. There are many new things to expect in this new release of Bleeding Edge. There is a first closed Beta that will be available by next week and this is only for Game pass members. They may give it out even to those who pre-ordered … Read more

Fairy Tail PC Full Version Free Download

Fairy Tail If you are looking for a long-running anime and manga, you have landed at the right place. This is the best video game which you can enjoy all the time. This game is created with the supervision of Mashima and it ensures that the journey into the continent of Fiore is the best. … Read more

Langrisser I & II PC Full Version Free Download

Langrisser I & II Langrisser can be understood as a tactical RPG. Here you will be controlling a party of heroes up to five in number along with their associated units. The associated units will be nothing other than soldiers who fight with heroes. During combat, there will be a division of maps into squares … Read more