Planet Zoo PC Full Version Free Download

Introduction to Planet Zoo Planet zoo will be released on 5th November 2019, which is developed by Frontier developments (they’re the publisher of the game). The genre of this upcoming wondrous video game is construction as well as management simulation i.e the wildlife planet will function as per your instructions and interests. This game gives … Read more

Anno 1800 PC Full Version Free Download

full game download anno 1800

Are you looking for a city-building game? Well, these games have a different thing, and you will get some great surprise every time with it. The game that we are talking about in here is Anno 1800. This is basically a building game where you will be acting as a manager to manage your city … Read more

NBA 2K20 PC Full Version Free Download

The concept of NBA 2K20 is based upon the National Basketball Association. The 2K series game is going to be released in September 2019. You can play this game with Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and on Play Station 4, either through the single-player mode or by enjoying it with friends through the multiplayer option.  Google Stadia … Read more

Green Hell PC Full Version Free Download

The green hell is an adventures survival game in the amazon forest. Before you begin playing this game, as a player you need to set on a path of the toughness, you will get amazed while playing this game. Now, the green hell is available in the steam prior access at a list cost of … Read more

Re: Legend PC Full Version Free Download

Re: Legend is basically the monster raising JRPG with features like fishing, farming, crafting, multiplayer, village building and much more. There are a lot of factors that you can enjoy with your companions in the gameplay manner. Adventure around the Ethia land where Vokka Island will live in to recover your recollections, however, this is … Read more

Telling Lies PC Full Version Free Download

In video games, there are a variety of investigating games are available in the market. The Telling Lies is also the type of investigation game that can be played by the gamers with the more thrill. This is the reason for the popularity of the game. You can also play the game both single-handedly or … Read more

Satisfactory PC Full Free Version Download

The Satisfactory is a three-dimensional simulation game that is loved by millions of its fans. The game is developed by Coffee Stain Studios that got released in early 2019. This open-world exploration game is nothing but constructing complex factories and buildings by the player. The player is dropped on an alien planet where he is … Read more